Shout-Out Nominations

Want us to honor someone who is doing an especially great job as a PB Woman’s Club volunteer?

To nominate someone, please fill out the form below.

Nominees will be considered using the following criteria:

  • Current active member of PBWC
  • Outstanding service to PBWC
  • High level of willingness to help others
  • Strong commitment to the mission of PBWC
  • Good relationships with those she works with and helps
  • Should not be a current voting member of the Board of Directors

More Information

Nominations must be submitted to a member of the PBWC Board of Directors and will be reviewed by the Volunteer Recognition Committee of PBWC.

The winning nominee will be notified by email and phone, and she will be issued a certificate of recognition. The award will also be announced on the PBWC website, on the PBWC Facebook page, and in a PBWC eBlast.