Volunteer of the Quarter

With this award we officially recognize our members who go above and beyond to give to our club and to our community. Want to nominate someone for the next quarterly award? Please use this online form.

Volunteer of the Quarter – Fall 2019

Mary Lou Benzel.
Our current Volunteer of the Quarter is Mary Lou Benzel, a member since 2000. Mary Lou has gone above and beyond during the years, not only serving as club president in 2010-2012 but also continuing to represent us at California Federation of Women’s Clubs and CFWC Southern District meetings and conventions.

Mary Lou is a great mentor for newer club members, as she has vast experience with the details of both running the club and organizing events. This year she was the chair of the Casino Night fundraiser, which was held on November 2.

With her humor and selflessness, Mary Lou is a pleasure to work with on any project and fun to hang out with as well!

Volunteer of the Quarter – Summer 2019

Helen Farrer.
Our Summer Volunteer of the Quarter was Helen Farrer, a very smart lady who has been a member of our club since 2011.

She is always a willing volunteer for any project or event, and she is always kind and friendly, cheerful and generous.

Everyone at the club loves Helen!

For these reasons, Helen Farrer is our Volunteer of the Quarter!

Volunteer of the Quarter – Spring 2019

Mary Alice Davis (left) and club president Pamela Egan.
Our Spring Volunteer of the Quarter was Mary Alice Davis, who has the biggest heart and kindest soul you can imagine. She spends countless hours every week clipping coupons for military families, saving them significant amounts of money. And she has donated many stuffed animals to the Polinsky Children’s Center.

For these reasons and for all her other volunteering at the Club, Mary Alice Davis was our Volunteer of the Quarter!

Volunteer of the Quarter – Winter 2018-19

Lynda Tickey (left).

Our second Volunteer of the Quarter was Lynda Tickey, who has been a dedicated member of our club from the first day she joined. At that time she was president of the Soroptimist Club, but always managed to find time to volunteer with PBWC. Lynda is the member who, when asked to help, smiles, says yes and then gets it all done and more.

She has been a valuable help at both of our big fund raisers, Wine Tasting and Casino Night. She stepped up and organized our fun Bunco day in August and turned around and organized our Bunco fundraiser in October. She was instrumental in helping Jo Liddell get our Holiday Boutique Fund Raiser together just a month later.

Even though Lynda and her husband, Jo, now travel to Florida for a few months each year, she has given so much time to our club that you would think she is here year round. For these many reasons, Lynda Tickey was our Volunteer of the Quarter!

Volunteer of the Quarter – Fall 2018

Geri Larkin (left).

Our first Volunteer of the Quarter is Geri Larkin, a lovely person who for many years has prepared and delivered food and other donations to our Stand Up For Kids dinners. She works hard to make sure these monthly dinners are special for the kids, and we couldn’t do them without her.

Geri can always be counted on to assist at our club fundraisers. And she volunteers at the Pacific Beach Library. She is an excellent role model for our club and community.

Thank you, Geri, for all the wonderful things you do!