124 Years and Counting

Mary Lou Benzel is our Fall 2019 Volunteer of the Quarter! Why she received this award.
The Pacific Beach Woman’s Club (PBWC) was established in 1895 to enrich the lives of the women living in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego. Several women met at the home of Mrs. Rose Hartwick to establish the club rules and regulations.

During the early years, the club participated in many philanthropic causes, including rolling bandages, entertaining the troops, and establishing the first public library in Pacific Beach.

Today, the members support various causes and are active in many civic and community events and activities. We host musical performances as well as other events in our 100-year-old building, Hornblend Hall.

The Hall, located at 1721 Hornblend Street in Pacific Beach, was built on land donated by several members in the early 1900s and has served as a gathering place for the last 100 years.